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In the prestigious area of Los Angeles Bel-air, found the most expensive house in USA — mansion of The One. It is expected that soon it will be put up for sale. Object is pre-estimated at 500 million dollars (about 32 billion rubles), to make it the most expensive house in the country, writes the Daily Mail.

Villa with an area of 9 300 square meters is located on the top of a hill with panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific ocean. The house consists of several sections and has a capacity of 20 bedrooms. The main area is 460 square meters. The original draft stipulated that one of the walls in the house will replace the aquarium with live jellyfish, but then this idea have refused. In the neighborhood there is a garage for 30 cars, a bowling alley and four swimming pools. Future owners will be able to entertain yourself and your guests in the 45-seat IMAX cinema and a private nightclub. The area around the building area of 20 thousand feet (1 850 square metres) planted artificial turf. This is due to the adopted in 2018, the law about the drought, which regulates the water consumption per capita.

The home owner, producer Niall Nayami, has been criticized real estate experts, who have reacted to it has announced the price of the house, considering it too high. Nayami retorted that assigned to them five years ago, the price is justified. “When you have something as rare as the Mona Lisa, you can ask for it as much as I want,” said the project’s Creator.

Niemi claims that have already found potential buyers. Their future neighbors can become actress Jennifer aniston and businessman Elon Musk, who owns property nearby. The cost of the mansion, The One almost four times exceed the price of the most expensive home ever sold in the United States. According to the Daily Mail, it is a house in the Hamptons (state of new York), which was sold in 2014 for 137 million dollars (nearly nine billion rubles).

Earlier in Moscow have found a property worth 2.4 billion rubles. Penthouse with an area of 735 square meters in a newly built house at Patriarch’s ponds was the most expensive of the capital at the beginning of 2020.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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