Huawei finally abandoned Google


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

Huawei does not intend to return to the Google services. On the final refusal of services of the American Corporation announced at a press conference in Vienna regional Manager Huawei Wenfei Fred (Fred Wangfei), reports Der Standart.

According to Vantaa, even if the United States will lift the restrictions with the company, she will still maintain an independent approach in the selection of services for smartphones. He explained that in the case of new political conflicts Huawei doesn’t want to be in a dependent position.

According to Der Standart, which means that Huawei may opt-out from Google services in their gadgets. From may 2019, the Corporation has no right to sell smartphones with pre-installed software Google Play, YouTube, Gmail and other Google services.

In December, Huawei announced that it intends to create an alternative to prohibited services. In particular, the Corporation agreed with the developers from India. The Corporation intends to offer users from each region, including the European, set of 100-150 applications.

At the end of 2019, the Chinese company has announced that the first smartphone with the operating system HarmonyOS that will replace the Android, will be released in August 2020. Later the company representatives issued a denial, noting that in the near future, Huawei is not going to release smartphones and tablets running its own operating system.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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