In Egypt found the tomb of the priests of ancient artifacts



The Ministry of antiquities of Egypt announced the discovery of unknown graves of the high priests and the sarcophagus dedicated to the God of heaven Mountain. The discovery made in the archaeological site in the governorate of Minya. About it reported in a press release on

Total found 16 tombs with 20 sarcophagi, some engraved characters. They are located in the district of al-Gharafa, about 300 kilometers South of Cairo. General tombs belonged to the higher priests of the God Thoth and senior officials who lived from the Late period about three thousand years ago.

In addition, archaeologists have discovered 10 thousand blue and green figurines, ushabti, which, according to the beliefs in the afterlife were turned into servants of the deceased. Also found 700 amulets in the form of scarabs and winged cobras and canopy — vessels, which were kept in the organs extracted from the dead bodies during the embalming process.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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