In Russia, has exposed on sale the house of reeds and straw



In the Altai region on the housing market, there have been several projects built literally from scrap materials. It is reported by the Altai real estate portal with reference to

In Burlin district was put up for sale cast-slag’s house of reeds (compressed stems of plants with the addition of binding substances) with an area of 35 square meters. The house has two rooms, a store room and a veranda, it is heated by stoves, running water. The lot will cost the future owner of 120 thousand rubles. Photo: 1/2

In Biysk sold two adjacent Adobe house on the banks of the boat basin. The Foundation of Adobe — sun-baked clay, which adds straw, wood shavings and more. Buyers of this “townhouse” will also be presented with a gazebo and boat Parking. The question price — 50 thousand rubles. Another building of Adobe with wells and baths sell in the village Uglovskoe. The owner asks for it of 100 thousand rubles.

Fishing house on skids can be purchased in the village Buranovo Kalmansky district for eight thousand rubles. The building is heated by a furnace, the inside of the plywood walls installed insulation. “There is a cot, wood boards 40 mm”, — said in the announcement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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