In Russia proposed to change the punishment to drivers for the use of prescription drugs


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In the new edition of the Code of administrative offences was a paragraph providing for the presence in the blood of drivers of drugs that affect concentration. About this informed the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the project, administrative responsibility also “in case of establishment of state of intoxication in the presence of the human body other intoxicating liquor of substances.” As the newspaper suggests, we are talking about medicinal substances.

Now doctors are unable to make a finding of intoxication, if the body of a man found traces of drugs — the current Cao is not provided. Upon detection of other psychotropic and narcotic substances and alcohol, the doctor makes a conclusion about establishment of the fact of intoxication. The penalty for this is disqualification and a fine of 30 thousand rubles. According to “Kommersant”, the traffic police directs the court did not conclude, about the intoxication and the act of examination with the indication of the medication. Based on it, the judge may assess evidence “according to their own conviction”.

The norm content in the body of the active substances in medicines that can affect the concentration of drivers, proposed by the representatives of United Russia. Co-chair of the human rights centre of the party Mikhail Starshinov said that the number of complaints from punished for drunk driving increased. He added that “insignificant amounts” of drugs can remain in the body, and suggested to focus on “the scientific levels of active substances, which influence traffic safety”.

According to traffic police, in 2019, the inspectors identified 541,6 thousand cases of driving while intoxicated. 68 thousands of cases were criminal cases. According to the coordinator of “Blue Buckets” Peter Shkumatov, the practice of accountability for medicines are often. Psychiatrist Alexander Kovtun sure what to write in the legislation limits the content of the drug is impossible, because they are all in varying degrees, affect mental function.

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