In the Crimea invented useful mayonnaise


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergei Pivovarov / RIA Novosti

The specialists of Crimean Federal University (KFU) has developed the recipes of mayonnaise for a healthy diet. Technology of production of the product does not require the use of artificial ingredients, reports “Interfax”.

As a useful flavour of mayonnaise from the Crimea uses oil extracts of rosemary, celery, dill and Basil or hydrolat based on them. Oil extracts are created from powdered plant materials with the addition of ethanol, which promotes the release sredneplodnyh connections. “And oil extracts and hydrolates contain valuable chemical compounds, giving the product taste and aroma,” — said associate Professor of the Department of technology and production equipment of fats and essential oils Academy of life and environmental Sciences of Kazan Federal University Elena Nozhko.

In the description of the product States that it is composed of water, dried egg powder, refined vegetable oil or blended vegetable oils with a balanced composition of fats and acids, gums guar and xanthan. The shelf life of mayonnaise is one month, for longer storage is required artificial preservatives.

In Scientific research Institute of agriculture of Crimea conducted an analysis of the product in accordance with the requirements of GOST. Designed for a healthy diet Mayo intend to produce for hotel and restaurant segment.

In late January, Finnish journalist Jussi Namalayan linked the refusal of the Russians mayonnaise with the public discontent and protests. According to the journalist, the rejection of the mayonnaise due to falling incomes, which in Russia there is an increase in protest activities.

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