In the suburbs, donated by Puma intimidated neighbors


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In the suburbs the inhabitants of one of the apartment buildings demanded that the neighbor get rid of Cougars, donated their daughter’s birthday. First animal looked like a kitten, but then grew up and turned into an adult cat that can barely hold the leash by the owners. On it informs TV channel REN TV.

Puma, according to local residents, behaving like a wild beast, which went on the hunt. The channel found out that the owner of the cat belongs to the butcher shop in the house. The man recently hung at the entrance a sign “Prohibited Pets”, but he walks pet including on the Playground.

The man denies this fact: he is walking with a Puma diet in the morning, when the streets are already empty. The case at the site of the owner of the animal calls accident. According to him, the beast is a no-brainer. A cat owner is going to move her to a private house, but to show the channel, the conditions in which Puma contains at the present time, refused.

Frightened neighbors are already preparing statements to the relevant authorities and the police. The interviewed experts say that even the young Cougars may severely scratch or chew. They are dangerous for man and their dog in public areas is strictly prohibited.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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