India proposed to treat the deadly coronavirus homeopathy



The Indian Ministry of traditional medical practitioner (AYUSH) has recommended to use homeopathic and other alternative medicines in the fight against the deadly coronavirus from China. This reports the South China Morning Post.

The Indians proposed to use various herbal preparations to enhance immunity and was advised to used to treat a number of medications, none of which, as it turned out later, were not clinical evidence of their effectiveness.

The publication reports that this recommendation has outraged Health Association of India: doctors have called such advice is immature and irresponsible. “How can a healing practice, in which even did not recognize that germs cause illness, to cure the coronavirus?” the doctor asked R. Asokan, Secretary of the organization. He stressed that the search for a cure from the virus of the new type must engage the scientific community.

In AYUSH after the speech, doctors issued a retraction. It States that these medications are available only as a preventive measure and not as a method of treatment.

Earlier, the world health organization (who) has established that the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV — emergency situation of international importance. The state Committee for issues of health of China noted that the number of cases of the virus already close to ten thousand people. Most of them — 7.7 thousand — are in China. 213 cases died.

In 2017, the Commission to combat pseudoscience and falsification of scientific research of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) prepared a report “On the false scientific character of homeopathy”. The Ministry of health recommended the deletion of all homeopathic medicines from public hospitals, and the Antimonopoly service has called on to protect citizens from false advertising about the presence of such drugs “medicinal properties”.

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