K-pop star was accused of organizing prostitution


www.vsyako.netIf the Son of Hepato: Yonhap / EPA-EFE

K-pop star and former member of the popular group Big Bang Lee Seung-Hyun, known by his stage name of Sunni, was accused of organizing prostitution.

It is noted that the artist not only persuaded the girls to provide sexual services to his friends from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but also to use such services, despite the fact that prostitution in South Korea considered illegal. In addition, the singer was accused of participating in illegal gambling.

Last year, Sunni was at the center of a major scandal when it was suspected of working in the club Burning Sun. The school was selling drugs and raping women. November 29 it became known that two 30-year-old K-pop artists Dunga Juan-young and Choi Jeong of Huun sentenced to six and five years imprisonment respectively. A court in South Korea found them guilty of raping a girl in the club Burning Sun.

He Synni denied their connection with the institution. In the spring of 2019, he announced that he was leaving show business.

Lee Seung Hyun — singer, actor, dancer and entrepreneur. In the middle of 2000-ies he became the youngest member of the band Big Bang, which was believed to be one of the most successful boy-bands in the world.

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