Leading 40 years have worked in television and was fired for a quote of Shakespeare


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British broadcaster Alistair Stewart (Alastair Stewart), 40 years worked in the programme, ITV News, has announced layoffs because of a tweet. As The Guardian reports, the message from Stewart, in which he quoted William Shakespeare, thought another participant in the discussion, racist.

It is clarified that in the post Stewart, caused his dismissal and recognized provocative, contained a quotation from Shakespeare’s play, “measure for Measure”:

And man,
A proud man,
Minute scanty clothed with power, —
Not realizing the fragility of his
Glass, interior, non-fatal —
Like an angry APE, play tricks
The Lord from heaven in plain sight
And angels cry. And whether they
As we character and spleen,
Laughed to death would have.

Recipient of the message was a dark-skinned Londoner named Martin Shapland (Martin Shapland). He took the statement about “evil monkey” on your account and accused the broadcaster of being racist.

At the moment, the Twitter account of Stuart removed. Shapland made the decision to erase all my old posts due to hit his stream of insults.

Commenting on his dismissal, Stewart explained that he regrets about the incident. “It was an honor to bring the news to homes across the UK over the last 40 years,” added the former presenter of ITV News.

Earlier, American TV host Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen starring Jimmy Fallon to sing) angered followers on Instagram. She did repost the video, stating that his characters are dancing hopak — Russian. Indignant subscribers pointed out to her that the characters in the movie were Ukrainians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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