Man killed and burned called him fat counterpart



A resident of Indonesia has lured his colleague at coconut plantation, strangled, and burned her body because of the fact that it is too often called him fat. It is reported portal Asia One.

27-year-old Ali Heri Sanjaya (Ali Heri Sanjaya) and 18-year-old Rosida worked together in the restaurant and was familiar from childhood, since their families lived close by.

Rosida often teasing Sanjay because of his excess weight: it is in all called him fat and compared with a sumo wrestler. Because of this, he felt depressed and humiliated.

24 Jan Sanjaya asked Reside to give him a ride home after work on her bike. When they drove past a coconut plantation, he forced her to get off the bike, strangled and set fire to the body using pre-purchased gasoline.

After the murder, he took the motorcycle and mobile phone colleagues and sold them to over 5.2 million Indonesian rupiah (24.4 thousand) to pay off debts. From the police Sanjaya was hiding in the hotel.

When January 24 Rosita didn’t come home, the family suspected that something had happened and informed the police about her disappearance. Law enforcement officers found Sanjay and arrested him. He faces the death penalty or imprisonment for the term from 20 years to life.

Earlier it was reported that an employee of the company from the German city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock spent four years in a coma and died after eating the poisoned colleague a sandwich. The poisoner known as Klaus O., for several years, added to food colleagues mercury, acetate of lead and other substances.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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