Named a way to avoid nagging at examination at the airport



Travelers are not recommended to take in hand Luggage some foods to avoid nagging when you preflight inspection at the airport. This writes the Express.

In particular, we are talking about food, which is solid, but in fact may be classified as liquid. “Food and powders in carry-on baggage can distort the image on the scanning apparatus. In this regard, it is better to remove some stuff in the Luggage,” suggest the British foreign office.

In deprecated for carriage in hand baggage of products named soft cheese, e.g. brie, Camembert, goat and cream cheese, especially if its volume exceeds 100 grams. In addition, we are talking about jam, honey, syrup, soup. Additional problems during pre-flight inspection may cause the peanut butter or toothpaste, and cosmetics and toiletries — creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara and lip gloss sprays, including shaving foam, hairspray and deodorants.

According to the authors of the material, these objects even in the allowed amount should be put in the Luggage, including to prevent their seizure. It is believed that they are often used for smuggling illegal substances.

On November 12 last year it was reported that in connection with the congestion and lack of space in the cabin passengers may be asked to take hand Luggage in the baggage, resulting in them things become “easy prey” for thieves. In turn, airlines are not responsible for the safety in the Luggage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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