Named dangerous actions on the plane


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Toby Melville / Reuters

Often travelling passengers are listed on the sides committed acts that could be dangerous. Their words are quoted Daily Mail.

In the first place, passengers are advised not to leave valuables in bags that are stored in the overhead locker during the flight. Thieves are often waiting for the moment when the cabin lights are turned off and their fellow travelers fall asleep to pull out of the bags, expensive laptops or cash.

In addition, travelers are advised not to drink water from the tap in the bathroom and to clean her teeth. According to experts, in the water live “all the bacteria and parasites in the world.” Viruses can also be contained on the pages of an inflight magazine and built-in entertainment screens.

For the same reason passengers were told never to touch the things in which there is no urgent need, and not to take his socks off during the flight. “Planes are one of the most biologically hazardous places on earth and above the earth, so that any minor wounds on the skin can penetrate life-threatening bacteria,” explained the experts.

To others is fraught with trouble actions related disputes with flight attendants, staying too long in a chair without movement and small water consumption.

In January the actions of a barefoot passenger aboard the plane revolted travelers and users of the network. Published in Instagram video shows how unknown the tourist with naked feet picks his heel and tears from her the pieces of skin. “One can achieve everything that you believe his mind,” sarcastic signed a publishing account administrators.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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