On deadly Chinese virus to get rich


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On deadly Chinese virus to get rich is managed to the holders of the shares of pharmaceutical companies, and producers of means of chemical protection, whose quotes have risen sharply amid news about the spread of the disease, according to the auction.

Stronger than the other increased the price of shares of the company Novacyt, announced the development of a test for the coronavirus. It enables you to determine whether infected people. Paper companies rose during the trading session on January 31 at 68.7%.

It’s also more expensive companies that produce medical masks and chemical protection gear: Allied Healthcare — by 27.5 per cent. Securities of its competitors — Lakeland Industries, Alpha Pro Tech and 3M — jumped 5.1, 6.2 and 0.3%, respectively.

Also, growth was recorded in stocks of pharmaceutical companies Inovio (plus 13.3 percent), Vir Biotechnology (plus 4.7 percent), Novavax (plus 2.3 percent), Gilead Sciences (plus 0.05 per cent).

The interest of investors in Inovio shares rose after announcing that it provided a grant for nine million dollars for the development of a vaccine against coronavirus.

Earlier it became known that the Chinese authorities have imposed a fine of 432 thousands of dollars on dispensary owners in one of the towns that raised the prices of medical masks 10 times.

As at 31 January the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 9.8 thousand. From diseases caused by them, died, 213 people, 207 — cured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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