Orthodox Jews expelled from the plane because of the stench


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The pilot of American Airlines was asked to drive out of the plane an Orthodox Jewish family because of them coming from unpleasant smell. About it writes The Times of Israel.

According to the publication, soon after boarding the flight attendants asked Yehuda and Jenny Adler (Yehuda and Jennie Adler), along with their seventeen-month-old daughter to leave the aircraft, as this allegedly insisted the pilot, complained about the stench.

In turn, the pair stated that he had taken a shower just before the flight, and noticed that he had not received such complaints from other passengers. In addition, they came to the companions and asked, does they smell on what received the negative answer. “After that, the flight attendant made disparaging and derogatory statements, which, in particular, they talked about the fact that Orthodox Jews wash once a week”, — stated in the material.

In the result the family was removed from the flight and placed in a hotel near the airport, while the plane with their Luggage, a pram and car seat flew. The adlers could be sent to the destination only the next flight.

It is noted that the family filed a lawsuit against the airline and accused its members of racism and discrimination. “The adlers were discouraged, they were humiliated, insulted, slandered, and caused them moral and material damage”, — stated in the lawsuit.

At the same time, American Airlines said that so cared for the comfort of other passengers.

In October last year it was reported that returning from the celebration of Rosh Hashanah in the Ukraine Orthodox Jews staged a riot at the airport of Chisinau. The conflict began with the fact that during boarding, the flight attendant asked the youngest member of the group to quit Smoking in the airport.

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