Proven General theory of relativity


www.vsyako.netImage: Mark Myers / OzGrav ARC Centre of Excellence / Swinburne University of Technology

Scientists of the Technological University of Swinburne in Australia and the max Planck Society in Germany have proved the existence of the lense-Thirring effect, predicted in the framework of the General theory of relativity. This phenomenon, also called the passion of the inertial frame, is the appearance of additional accelerations of the body, located near a massive rotating object. This publication reports Science Alert.

Researchers with the radio telescope studied the binary system PSR J1141-6545, consisting of a white dwarf and the pulsar rotational speed equal to 150 rpm. Both stars orbit each other in less than five hours. It turned out that the inclination of the orbit of the pulsar is slowly changing due to the lense-Thirring effect caused by the rotation of the white dwarf. Observations are consistent with an evolutionary scenario in which the white dwarf pulls on a substance remaining from the predecessor of the pulsar.

Previously, scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles came to the conclusion that the center of the milky Way may be a second supermassive black hole. The researchers also proved the theory of relativity, looking for changes of wavelengths of the spectrum, which emits a star passes by a black hole.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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