Russian student eye knocked out with a hammer after a Commission to look for drugs


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

In one of schools of Krasnoyarsk region students beat out peers eyes with a hammer after he went looking for drugs in the school toilet on behalf of the teachers. This was announced by TVK.

According to the newspaper, the day the boy was on duty and noticed that high school students smoke in the toilet. When he reported this to the teachers, they said that if he finds drugs, that’s a “good boy.” After that, he allegedly began to threaten other students. The boy’s mother Svetlana said that when the son returned home, “it was not a person,” and he complained that his peers will be killed. The classroom teacher responded that “not at Affairs”, and no measures at school according to mother, was not accepted.

A month after the incident, the student was knocked to the boy’s eyes with a hammer. The mother of the ninth-believes that it happened “automatically,” but the doctors say it was a targeted attack. As told to Svetlana, the mother of the affected child, in school she was offered money in exchange for silence, but she refused them.

Now Kohl’s is located in the eye center in Krasnoyarsk, he will undergo surgery. As the doctors say he may lose vision in the affected eye. The school refused to comment on the situation in the regional Ministry of health promised to do it later.

In November, fourth-graders from Novosibirsk beat a classmate due to the fact that he’s small. The boy’s mother Anastasia told me that her son is the smallest in the class, what it hunted, even the girls. After beating him, the child was brought to the emergency room, his broken face. After the incident, the student said that when he was beaten, a security guard was taking out the trash, but not stepped up and stopped the fight.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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