Russians warned against wine in packages


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

The experts “Roccasecca” warned Russians from packaged wines. The study is published on the website of the organization.

Experts have compared the wine bottle packages. They noted that when you purchase packaged wine is the probability of finding a quality product is small. “At best, in the litre package will be wine from grapes the lowest quality category — the so-called “press fraction” grape processing”, — said the head of the working group “Wine tour guide Russia”, “Roccasecca” Arthur Sargsyan. He explained that the juice for this wine from grape pomace squeeze press, resulting in collapse of the bone in the berries, and the product acquires a bitter taste.

The experts noted that most of the Russian stores in bags sold even is not wine, but wine drink. It may consist of half water, add dye, fragrance and ethyl alcohol. Consumers do not pay attention to the warning signs on the packaging and can’t tell the difference between wine and wine beverage.

In “Roccacasale” explained that the packaged wine there are advantages. The main advantage of this product is soft packaging — it’s lighter glass, not beating, because of this wine it is more convenient to carry. Another advantage is the price — for $ 100 you can buy a liter of wine beverages in the package.

In December 2019, the year “Roskoshestvo” has presented a rating of the best Russian sparkling wines costing up to thousands rubles. Wines were evaluated by appearance, in purity, quality, aroma and taste. The best was the champagne of Krasnodar Krai “Myskhako”, scored 83.7 out of 100. Second place went to white wine Brut Derbent winery with a score of 83 points. The third level houses the semi-sweet white wine “Zolotaya Balka” from Sevastopol, it received a score of 82.89 points. The price of “Golden beams” in two times higher than the wines from the first and second places — 459 rubles against 300 rubles per liter.

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