Russians warned of a new species of bugs


www.vsyako.netPhotos Of Sophia Sandorski/ Agency

In Russia there were tropical bugs that were previously found only in countries near the equator. About this said the head of the laboratory of problems of disinsection of the Institute of destinology Rospotrebnadzora Svetlana Roslavtseva, radio Sputnik.

As told Roslavtseva, such animals can carry hepatitis b and other dangerous viruses are also resistant to the usual insecticides. According to her, the Institute was able to develop two drugs that can harm the bed bugs. They are based on natural raw diatomite — bezusadochnye breed, which was formed during the retreat of the sea and the world ocean, including the remnants of the shells with sharp edges. The edge break the skin bug because of which the body issuepedia, and the insect dies.

Previously, the CPS has issued guidelines for combating bedbugs. So if tourists are brought home bed bugs after traveling, they suggest carefully checking the beds in hotels. In order not to bring these insects home from vacation, exterminators are recommended to carefully check the beds in hotels. Dirty linen, it is recommended to put in a tightly sealed package, and in return, give it to the dry cleaners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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