Seized hostages in the 20 children shot and killed a man


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danish Ismail / Reuters

Resident of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Suresh Batam, who took hostage more than 20 children, shot dead. It is reported India Today.

One of the locals tried to start negotiations with the man, but the attacker opened fire and wounded the truce in the leg. When the house of Batam was surrounded by law enforcement officers, he fired at them, and then threw a hand grenade. As a result, three policemen were injured.

The man was killed during the RAID. According to preliminary data, children have not suffered.

Suresh Batam took children hostage on January 30. They were invited to the birthday of his daughter. When the locals tried to help minors and to open the door of the house, the baht opened fire on them. It is known that the invader was previously accused of murder.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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