She has given shelter to Gypsies and took credit for the removal of damage


She has sheltered two Roma women, yielding to their entreaties. Convincing a woman that her daughter superimposed damage, Gypsy persuaded her to take out a Bank loan, and then stole all the money and jewelry. About it reports information portal “Pro City” with reference to the press service of the interior Ministry of the Chuvash Republic.

66-the summer inhabitant of Cheboksary met the Gypsies in the market Shupashkar. They told her that he had come to the city to sell boots and they have nowhere to sleep. Women complained that hungry and very cold. The pensioner was sorry and invited me to his home. Along the way she told new acquaintances about her troubled life. In order to deceive gullible woman, Gypsy said her daughter imposed severe damage and need to save.

The apartment Gypsy began to carry out various rituals to remove the evil. They convinced the woman that for maximum effect, she needs to put in a cushion of 150 thousand rubles, and not pull out the money for two days. Because such funds at the pensioner was not, on the same day she went to the Bank and took 75 thousand rubles in credit. Following the instructions cheats, the woman has Packed all the gold and money in the paper, and then sewed them into a pillow. Some time after the departure of the Gypsy woman found that the values in there. Now the victim will have every month from 18 thousand rubles pension of 15 thousand rubles to pay for the loan.

In September 219 year it was reported that the Moscow schoolgirl succumbed to the influence of the two Gypsy and brought home all the savings of parents. 12-year-old Alice met the women in the Park and exchanged with them phone numbers. The next few days one of the Gypsies called her and was part of the trust. Gradually, the woman had convinced Alice to transfer all things. Just the girl gave his new friend 1.4 million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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