She has wished death crying child with a disability and caused a scandal


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A resident of Nefteyugansk Diana Zakutnyaya, visit the local pool, wished the death of the disabled child, held there averabrite. My opinion of him, she published in Instagram-storis, provoking a scandal.

The girl shot himself on video and lamented the fact that a baby crying prevents her to relax in the pool. “The child wants to drown. Dear moms, stay at home with their noisy kids. Because people don’t want to listen to the Symphony of this ora your kids weird” she said to the subscribers.

When a child crying at the time stopped, Zakutnyaya happily suggested that the child drowned. Then the Russian said that he was alive, and asked followers, “how many [years] give for the article if to drown him.”

According to the publication then the author of the video entered into a squabble with the mother of a crying child. The woman tried to explain that such statements are incorrect, but was injured. One of the visitors of pool, became a witness of the conflict, appealed to the Prosecutor demanding to punish the girl for being publicly insulted.

At the moment the account Zakutney, which had posted the video is closed, but the video was published the other Instagram bloggers. The statements of the girls angered many users.

“It’s called: People do not understand is not affected. And God forbid anyone. Their children, too, will drown if they tantrums??? It’s all hard, of course…” — wrote karinavalieva86. Many angry commenters turned to insults, began to advise her not to get out of the house, announced that they intend to wait for the law enforcement response, and wished her never to have children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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