The Church of England apologized for the call for sex only in marriage


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Archbishops of British counties Canterbury and York issued a public apology for previously released guidance, in which sex is considered appropriate only for men and women, lawfully wedded. About it reports BBC News.

Representatives of the Church of England stressed that they are very sorry for those who hurt this wording, and acknowledged that these words “undermined the credibility” of the faithful. The message of the Church, published last week, States that the official sex outside heterosexual marriage is not consistent with the purpose of man, given by God.

The message was a reaction to the fact that the UK authorities have allowed men and women to enter into a civil partnership previously, this opportunity was open only to homosexual couples. Speaking about this partnership, the priests said: “it is Necessary to strengthen the value of true friendship, devoid of sexual side.”

These words sparked outrage within the LGBT activists, partially overlapping with the Church: a collective letter against this opinion was signed by three thousand people, including dozens of priests. Activists believe that an apology is insufficient and demand to withdraw the message.

In September 2019, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church said that Christianity, Islam and Judaism agree that “relations outside of marriage deprive people of happiness Creator.” Thus he reacted to the proposal to legalize polygamy for Russian Muslims.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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