The groom forbade the bride to invite to the wedding of his sister and was cursed in the network


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The groom forbade the bride to invite to the wedding of her sister and was cursed in the network. Reported by the Daily Mail.

29-year-old man said his wedding was nearly cancelled because of the desire of the beloved to make a bridesmaid my twin sister. He was afraid that 400 guests will take her cousin for the bride.

“Choose white dresses as the dresses for bridesmaids is a terrible decision,” said the groom.

However, the girl didn’t see this as a problem and refused to change the color of the outfits. Then the man told her to invite the sister to the bachelorette party instead of a wedding.

“I have the feeling that I’m going to marry all the friends of my future wife, including her sister. I refused to do as she wanted,” complained the groom.

Netizens criticized him. “In place of the bride I would have thought 100 times if I need a husband”, “How occurred to you to ask the girl to invite her best day in the life of the closest person?” “You’re not the master of his beloved, to make decisions for her,” they protested in the comments.

In January 2020, the bride forced sister to dye your hair before the wedding out of jealousy and was ridiculed in the network. In an anonymous post 24-year-old bride said that red hair of her sister Ella’s supposedly not suited to her chosen color scheme of the event. She asked the last to dye my hair and added that the other bridesmaids have already picked the images for her instructions. However, the guest did not agree with the requirement of the bride and decided not to come to the wedding.

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