The man moved to his beloved and was in the midst of coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tim McLean

A resident of the Australian city of Ulladulla, the state of New South Wales, moved to the beloved in the Chinese city of Ezhou, Hubei province, and was in the midst of 2019 coronavirus-nCov. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Tim McLean (Tim McLean) met Xu Qiong (Qiong Xu), when she was in Australia. McLean moved to China to live together with his lover. At Christmas he went to Australia, but in mid-January, returned to Ezhou. The city was near the epicentre of the outbreak of coronavirus.

McLean said that the streets of the city, with a population of a million people were deserted, and the entrance and exit of the city is prohibited, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Australian riding her bike through the empty streets.

“Yesterday I was outside and saw the hospital staff who wore white protective clothing, completely airtight. Presumably, they were patients,” said McLean.

He said that uses two protective masks when out on the street. Even a trip to the store was a real challenge: at the entrance customers are greeted by the nurse with the thermometer and check their temperature.

McLean stressed that he had no regrets about his move, but it scares the risk of contact with the deadly coronavirus, which has already taken more than 100 lives. Residents advised to stock up on rice and eat them a week or two.

The man tried to contact the Australian Embassy in Shanghai, but to no avail, because, apparently, it was closed due to the Chinese New year from 27 to 29 January.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Taiwan claims that the dog saved her from the Chinese 2019 coronavirus-nCov. The woman did not know about the outbreak of pneumonia of unknown origin and was going to buy tickets to the Chinese city of Wuhan, when a dog named Kimi was gnawing on her passport.

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