The Prosecutor General’s office confirmed the presence of psychological trauma have killed the father of the sisters Khachaturian


www.vsyako.netAngelina (right) and Kristina( second from left) of Hachaturjanu: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

The decision of the Prosecutor General who refused to prosecute the sisters Khachaturian, based on the results of the examination which identified the presence of the girls have psychological trauma. About it reports the edition Baza in his Telegram channel.

Experts, which refers in its decision the Supervisory authority, found that the sisters were in a prolonged traumatic situation, accompanied by beatings, constant humiliation, threats and sexual violence.

Prosecutors believe that psychological trauma inflicted serious bodily harm the accused, because of which they formed a defensive reaction, and they were forced to defend themselves in any way. The investigators, this fact is not taken into account, and the Prosecutor’s office listened to the experts and confirmed the presence of psychological trauma.

Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor grin has refused to confirm the indictment, because the findings of the investigation “not based on a cumulative and comprehensive assessment of the evidence collected, and do not correspond to the actual circumstances of the incident”, said the lawyer Alexei Parshin, writes TASS. In the decision of the grin indicated that the result of “recognizing the facts of systematic abuse by the father, is dangerous to life and health, did not consider its impact on the formation at the sisters ‘ultimate goal interference”.

The Prosecutor’s office also believes that “on the basis of the established circumstances and the evidence collected and the sisters Khachaturian formed a defensive reaction to an unlawful attempt of his father, created a real danger for their life and health, which allowed them to defend themselves in any way”.

“Therefore their actions should be regarded as having been committed in necessary defence, which entails the termination of criminal prosecution”, — quoted the lawyer of the decision of the Prosecutor General.

The criminal case of the sisters returned to the Investigative Committee of Russia, where, as suggested by the defence, it should be discontinued.

3 December 2019, the Investigative Committee completed the investigation of the sisters Khachaturian. According to investigators, 27 July 2018, three sisters, Khachaturian, experiencing acute personal dislike of his father, struck him numerous blows with a knife and a hammer on the body and in the head and neck. From the received traumas the man died.

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