The richest man in the world got rich on $ 13 billion in 15 minutes


www.vsyako.netJeff Biosphoto: Katherine Taylor / Reuters

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who is considered the richest man in the world, got rich by $ 13 billion over 15 minutes. It is reported Bloomberg.

The publication notes that this occurred after the company released quarterly earnings report. According to him, the company’s revenues were higher than anticipated by analysts. In particular, earnings per share amounted to 6, 47 with 4.11 USD.

After the publication of the report, the value of Amazon’s stock increased by 12 percent. Thus, as Bezos has increased to about 129,5 billion. It is noted that the index in ranking Billionaires Index reflected only after closing of the trades on January 31.

At the moment Jeff Bezos is in first place in the list of world’s richest people according to Forbes. His fortune is estimated at 116 billion dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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