The Russian adopted son to drink urine and put him in shorts nettles


www.vsyako.netCatherine Euroweek:

In Ertil of the Voronezh region the local resident Ekaterina Yurova for two years abused foster children, while the staff of the authorities found them lying on the floor in exhausted condition. Older boy the woman carried in the trunk of his car on hot days, drank urine and stuffed into panties nettles. This was reported on the website “News of Voronezh”.

Yurova, my husband took the boys 2004 and 2005 years of birth in his family in 2018. the two children followed farming and worked in the garden. In school they did not go, because Yurova insisted on home schooling.

Over the oldest child Yurova was fun already six months after adoption. According to the boy, the foster mother wanted to hurt him, so put him in panties nettles. In addition, the woman humiliated son, forcing to drink urine and was locked up at night in the barn without food and water.

The investigators found that Yurov drove the teenager in the trunk, beat him with a rope, rolling pin and a ladle and held under water until he began to choke. After a woman nearly drowned adopted son, the boy ended up in the hospital with an attack of epilepsy.

Soon after, he was regularly running away from home. Local residents drew attention to the appearance of the child, whose body was bruising, and appealed to the administration.

After that, the guardianship officials conducted an unscheduled inspection and found malnourished children. Started checking.

During the investigation, Yurova not admitted guilt and tried to persuade one of the witnesses to testify in her favor by blackmailing the girl. Criminal cases under articles about torture, failure to perform responsibilities for the upbringing of a child, false imprisonment of a minor and coercion of a witness to give false testimony, they sent to the court. Children were placed in boarding school.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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