The US decided to cut military aid to Ukraine


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In the White house for the first time in recent years decided not to argue with the President of the United States Donald trump and not to cut military assistance to Ukraine. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing a representative of the office of management and budget (OBM).

Assistance to Kiev have through two channels: through the State Department and the Pentagon. We are talking about the amount allocated by the state Department.

In the last two years the administration of the tramp every time he offered to cut aid to $ 20 million, explaining that “the money will be useful for the United States itself”. Congress disagreed with the White house and claimed $ 115 million.

Such a scheme was assumed for the budget 2021. However, according to the representative of OBM, the reduction of financial aid will not, and the amount of, on the contrary, will be increased. Sources in the administration did not clarify what specifically involves a change of position. The author of the article suggested that the White house has changed the opinion because of the impeachment trump.

30 December it became known that trump has repeatedly tried to convince him to unfreeze military assistance to Ukraine. It was noted that his desire was met with opposition in the administration.

Opponents of the us leader has repeatedly accused him that he decided to freeze military assistance to Ukraine from-for scandal with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky. Trump had allegedly exerted pressure on him, threatening funding cuts. The white house has always rejected the accusations, pointing out that the President only feared because of the level of corruption in Ukraine.

According to some reports, during the July telephone conversation, the us President demanded that in exchange for providing military and financial assistance to Ukraine Zelensky began to investigate the actions of the son of Joe Biden — hunter. Amid these rumors Trump impeach.

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