Trump equate Palestinians to terrorists and was accused of racism


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The President of the United States Donald trump almost equate Palestinians to terrorists, in a speech dedicated to his plan to resolve the situation in the middle East — the so-called deal of the century. This writes the chief editor of +972 Magazine Edo Konrad (Edo Konrad).

According to him, most of trump’s remarks concerning the Palestinians, was a “classic racist”. So, in his speech, the American leader nine times used the words “terrorism” and “terror”, referring to the Palestinians. In particular, he said that the Palestinians “trapped terrorism, poverty and violence” and must abandon terrorist methods to obtain the right to establish their own state. At the same time the Israelis received from the U.S. President commended for their commitment to peace in the region and Israel itself trump described as an “island of democracy and prosperity” in the middle East.

As the author notes, such rhetoric is not new: the Israelis sought to make the Palestinians are violent terrorists-revolutionaries ever since the founding of the Israeli state. At the Conrad, and the Israel and its Western allies completely ignore the fact that the Israelis have also resorted to methods that are now called terrorist.

“For example, the Israelis prefer not to remember that Menachem begin and Yitzhak Shamir before becoming Prime Ministers of Israel, was a zealous militants who organized the brutal terrorist attack against the Palestinian civilian population, attacked the British soldiers and high-ranking officials and even was involved in the murder of foreign dignitaries,” writes the author.

In his opinion, such actions were part of national policy, without which Israel would emerge as a state. “Given their history, Israelis should be the first one needs to understand that those who fight against foreign invaders for freedom and self-determination, resort to violence,” stresses Konrad.

Under the “deal of the century” trump has offered to recognize Israel and Palestine as two separate States. According to the map, which showed the American President, Jerusalem must remain Israeli capital and East Jerusalem — Palestine. The head of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas in response to trump’s offer, said that “Jerusalem is not for sale” and called the deal a conspiracy.

Menachem begin served as Prime Minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983. In the 1940s he led the Jewish underground organization Irgun, which organized the terrorist attacks in the markets in Haifa and Jaffa, as well as the attack on the British prison in acre and the attempted assassination of British Prime Minister Anthony Eden. Yitzhak Shamir was Prime Minister of Israel from 1983 to 1984 and then from 1986 to 1992, also held the posts of foreign Minister and defense Minister. In the 1940s, Shamir was one of the leaders of the Jewish underground terrorist organization, “Lehi”, whose fighters were the direct organizers and perpetrators of the assassination of Swedish diplomat and representative of the International Committee of the red cross Folke Bernadotte in 1948.

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