Urgant made fun of the cancellation of concerts LJ and found new meaning in his songs


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TV presenter Ivan Urgant on air of the show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel made fun of the cancellation of the rapper LJ (real name — Alexey Usenik) in Chelyabinsk after complaints from local Deputy Andrey Zelenin on the promotion of drugs and debauchery in songs artist. A recording of the program available on the website of the channel.

Urgant said that taking LJ to the addict is to become victim of stereotypes. “Why, if a person has no pupils and a sluggish language, he is a drug addict, but why? You know, we have some ideas about drug addicts prehistoric, as if we live in 2016,” he said.

The presenter also expressed surprise at some of songs MP found propaganda of banned substances and debauchery, and tried to find a new meaning in the songs of the rapper. According to Urgant, the song with the words “I want you on 360” allows students not only to dance but also to tighten the geometry, the song “Ripped jeans” teaches cleanliness, but the track “Bosko they smoke” it is about preparing students for the exam.

Urgant mentioned that LJ is a song about Chelyabinsk. According to lead, the track “Pink wine,” which includes the lines “it’s so beautiful, I can’t breathe” means that Chelyabinsk is not only a beautiful city but also a center of heavy industry.

The moderator noted that the Deputy had every right to request, however, questioned the actions of the organizers, who immediately cancelled the concert. “What could be more interesting to check for the presence of drugs and debauchery? I propose to set up a national Committee on corruption and drugs,” he said. Urgant added that as the Committee on the corruption could be participants of the project “Dom-2”, and the Committee on drugs, was arrested on the case of journalist Ivan Golunova.

According to “Kommersant”, Zelenin sent on the address of LJ requests to the regional Prosecutor’s office, the Federal Antimonopoly service, Ministry of interior, the Ministry of culture and the office of Roskomnadzor. According to the ticket sellers, it is possible to check was the cause of the failure of the courts to hold a concert. Representatives of the Palace of sports “Youth”, where was a concert, explained that by the fact that the managers of the rapper came out in time for the Association to a contract. Representatives of the artist the situation does not comment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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