Women argued for coronavirus and was in the hospital


www.vsyako.netPhoto: David Gray / Reuters

In Sydney, Australia a dispute between two women online from China coronavirus ended in a fight. As reported by 7 News, the conflict started chatting for mothers in one of the messengers.

According to police, the participants of the chat, each of which was about 30 years old, they argued about the disease, and then agreed to resolve the dispute in person. One of them led in support of another woman.

“The controversy soon passed from words to physical assault,” said police district Northern Beaches (Northern Beaches). Participants in the altercation, was pushed and hit each other, tore hair. According to eyewitnesses, as a result, both were on the ground unconscious, despite attempts by bystanders to stop the conflict. Both women were hospitalized with injuries.

Police said in a post in Facebook that the fight occurred on the evening of January 28 local time and that by now participants of the dispute are discharged from hospital. The investigation continues.

Earlier in the broadcast American Christian transmission TruNews showed a story about the coronavirus. The presenter spoke about the “divine nature” of the disease, calling it God-sent punishment.

According to the latest coronavirus infected nearly 10 thousand people worldwide, killing 213 people. 2019 coronavirus-nCoV was first registered in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The outbreak on the evening of 30 January recognized as an emergency situation of international importance.

In Russia was two cases in the TRANS — Baikal region and Tyumen region. The cases recorded in the USA, UK, Canada and France, as well as in Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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