Fight 6-th company in the Argun gorge immortalized in coins.



The Central Bank of Russia issued commemorative coins dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the feat of paratroopers of the 6th airborne company of the 104th guards parachute regiment during the second Chechen war. This is stated in the message published on the website of the regulator.

Coin of three rubles made of silver, the reverse relief image of the monument to the 6th company (Dome) set in the village Cherekha (Pskov oblast). With a circulation of three thousand pieces.

The battle in the Argun gorge took place on 29 February — 1 March 2000, at the turn of Ulus-Kert — Selmentauzen at a height of 776. It lasted almost a day. In clashes with militants killed 84 paratroopers — almost all of the 6th company of the 104th guards airborne regiment of the 76th Pskov airborne division (84 of 90). As for the losses of the militants, they are, according to various estimates ranged from 370 to 700 people. This clash is considered the bloodiest of the second Chechen campaign.

In March 2019, the details became known of the incident. In particular, it was reported that the command initially tried to hide the fact of the death company, but then recognized him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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