Hundreds of people contracted the virus after visiting casinos in the USA


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Pixabay

At least 200 people contracted norovirus after visiting the casino in the us city of lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. This was reported by local TV station WVUE.

According to TV channel, we are talking about last week’s outbreak of norovirus at L’auberge casino. The head of the Ministry of state Lacey Cavanaugh said that the virus is very contagious. “At the moment no matter how it started,” she said, putting that the infection began to spread within society.

Norovirus causes acute intestinal infection, sometimes called intestinal or stomach flu. Infection can be transmitted during consumption of food, intake of fluids, as well as through household items, utensils, and unwashed hands.

Previously, the government of Macao decided to suspend the operation of all casino because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus that was discovered in China. Prior to this, stock prices of the largest casino and gambling Macau fell on the background of the spread of infection. Since the Foundation of the region’s economy is gambling, it is often called the “Asian Las Vegas”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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