Russia has accused Norway of violating obligations under the Treaty of Svalbard


www.vsyako.netShpitsbergena: Reuters

The Russian Embassy in Norway has accused Oslo in breach of the Treaty of Svalbard. The message was published on the official website of the Embassy in Facebook.

Moscow believes that Oslo gives the plots located within the Treaty, to develop oil and gas resources. Because of this, Russian companies had no possibilities to participate in bidding for some promising areas, said the Embassy.

The diplomats also said that Russia does not question Norwegian sovereignty over the archipelago. The Svalbard — “not native Norwegian territory”, the archipelago received Oslo on the terms prescribed in the contract, reminded the Embassy.

A contract that defines the international legal status of Svalbard was signed in 1920. It made USA, USSR, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden. All of these countries could conduct business on the Islands.

Currently, in addition to Norway, their right to carry on business in the Islands is only Russia. So, on the island of Spitsbergen is the Russian settlement of Barentsburg, as well as two abandoned settlement of Pyramid and Grumant. These settlements formally belong to Norway, but actually controlled by Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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