Russia has promised Latvia the responsible for the persecution of journalists


www.vsyako.netThe Ambassador of Russia in Latvia Eugene Lukyanovo: Sergey Melkonov / RIA Novosti

Moscow will not leave unanswered the persecution of journalists and business in Latvia and Estonia, said the Russian Ambassador in Riga, Yevgeny Lukyanov, reports Sputnik Latvia.

So the head of the diplomatic mission has commented on the mass failure of banks in the service of journalists, who cooperate with the Russian editions. According to the Agency, they began to block and close the accounts and open new do not allow. The Russian Ambassador has compared such measures with banditry 90, but noted that he does not believe banks are guilty of what is happening, because “they are intimidated”.

“Let’s demand that Latvia has returned to execution of the contractual rules which they signed,” the Ambassador said. At the same time, he noted that he hopes to result a little, because they operate “double standards”. He expressed confidence that this problem will continue, but Russia, despite its patience, will give the answer.

The Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated about the harassment of Russian journalists in the Baltic countries. So, a Russian journalist and human rights defender Yuri Alexeev repeatedly detained in Latvia, including publications, which contain signs of incitement of ethnic hatred. Against him was also prosecuted on two counts: activities directed against Latvia, and assistance to a foreign state in its activities against Latvia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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