The passenger is told about the hard landing at Usinsk


The passenger of the aircraft, Utair, has committed a hard landing at Usinsk, have shared details of the incident. The chassis of the Boeing 737-524 was released originally, the pilot was landing normally, said Alexander Panin owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

According to Panin, in contact with the ground plane was a hard blow, which tore off the chassis, and the ship slid along the strip at high speed. Stopped only at the very end, and the crew rolled in the snow. On the right side torn wing and flowed the fuel, so the evacuation was carried out with the left.

Passengers said that the pilot behaved professionally, not allowing the panic on Board and declaring an evacuation immediately after landing.

The incident at the airport Usinsk (Komi Republic) occurred on Sunday, February 9. According to preliminary data, at landing approach the Boeing 737-524 aircraft with the tail number VQ-BPS broke the rear chassis, and he sat on the “belly”. On Board were 94 people: 88 passengers and 6 crew members. None of them was hurt.

The crew commander Vladimir kotomine called the preliminary cause hard landing “severe wind shear”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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