A man lost 27 pounds and lost a kidney for his twin brother


www.vsyako.netPhoto: James and Dalton Ingley

A man from the American city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, lost weight and donated his kidney to save his twin brother. Writes about this edition of Unilad.

In 2016, the 26-year-old Dalton Ingle (Dalton Ingley) was diagnosed with kidney disease the glomerulonephritis. The disease has led to kidney failure for which he needed regular dialysis. After suffering in January 2018 pneumonia, the man was connected to the hemodialysis unit. Because of this, he had to quit his job.

The doctors warned Dalton that he would need a kidney transplant. Become a donor volunteered his twin brother James Ingle. To obtain permission for the surgery, James had to lose weight. To do this he had to completely change my lifestyle. He began to sleep more, switched to a healthy diet and began a daily exercise.

When James dropped 27 pounds, the doctors were able to transplant his kidney to his brother. The operation was successful. While Dalton did not return to work, but going to do it soon.

Earlier it was reported that an American woman donated a kidney to former classmate, with whom he went to prom. They lost touch, but 15 years later met again, when a man married the best friend of my classmate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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