Error Windows 7 banned off the computers


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Windows 7 users complained about the error that blocked the computer is turned off. On the complaint of owners of copies of the OS drew attention to the publication ZDNet.

Judging by the complaints of users, unknown error Windows 7 did not let them off the computers. After selecting shutdown or reboot the device, the system gave an error “you do not Have permission to shutdown this computer”. It is noted that faced with the problem users off the PC by de-energizing the device.

According to the thematic forums on Reddit to get around the error by using the create an additional account with administrator rights. After that, the user must switch to your normal account and shut down your PC. The author has noticed that it is only a temporary solution to the problem.

In early February Windows 10 users complained about several bugs in the latest system update. From the posts on the Microsoft forums indicated that after a system update on Windows KB4532695 off the sound and network connection. In some cases, the update caused critical error, BSoD, is known as the “blue screen of death”.

In January, Windows users paid attention to the unknown bug, because of which desktop OS disappeared graphic design. Official support for Windows 7 was terminated on January 14, from this day popular operating system is obsolete.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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