In Russia, the neighbors started a war because of a common gate


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Residents of neighboring houses in Novosibirsk, began to quarrel because of the common gate. It is reported by news portal

In Leninsky district of the city territorial disputes broke out between residents of two neighboring homes: new buildings and five-story building. The conflict began when the new building have fenced with a metal fence. People living in the five story building, felt it unfair that they cannot go to neighbouring territory, whereas their neighbors will have access to both adjoining sections. Residents of the building wanted their yard also received private status. “We immediately appealed to the management company and said,’ guys, the more you on our territory to walk and ride will not be”, — said the Chairman of Council of an apartment house of Stanislavsky, 20 Vera Kovalenko.

Negotiations with disgruntled tenants nor to no avail, as well as with the management company. In October, 2019 on the land plot near the house on street of Stanislavsky, 20 issued a public easement (right of General use of the land). Then the neighbours came into open confrontation. In order not to let their territory of outsiders, the residents of the building several times to call a bulldozer and built snow barricades. The owners of apartments in new building in debt left. “They promised us to arrange a sweet life. Put to the entrances of packages with garbage, drug addicts throw syringes with needles”, — said the resident of the building Angelica Kozhanov.

The inhabitants of buildings (Stanislavsky, 18/1) have their own full travel and passage. However, on one side adjoining the house is a bus stop, and on the other store, which makes it difficult to travel. “You there Hoo understand each other. At what here the people? Who they hurt, if there will be?” — outraged resident of the house Mr Jumabaev. According to the Director of the management company, for right of way on their land to the tenants of the house №20 promised Parking spaces, landscaping and landscaping, but in the five story building did not agree. The city has already agreed to go to Novosibirsk to meet, having made the decision to cancel a public easement. However, because of the hostility of the citizens, this problem will long remind yourself. Residents of the house No. 20 plan to ensure that the gate made. And the owners of apartments in the building want to go where they are comfortable.

Previously a resident of the Slovak town of štúrovo found an unusual way to get back at his neighbor, who, in her opinion, the apartment is too loud barking of a dog. Woman daily put on repeat the four-minute Aria from Verdi’s “La Traviata”. Music in her apartment played at full volume from six in the morning until ten at night. It lasted for 16 years, with an angry Dominika has not ceased to include the classics even after the neighbor’s dog died.

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