Military awards will give discounts on food and clothing


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Russian soldiers with state awards, get discounts from 3% to 20% in chain stores. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the defense Ministry of Russia.

While the pilot project Promsvyazbank, “Voentorg” and “Army of Russia”. The newspaper says that the first retailers not chosen by chance: “Army of Russia” is the only seller of a brand of military clothing and accessories, and in the “Voentorg” shop the soldiers and officers serving in remote garrisons.

Soldiers in the loyalty program will be divided into three categories. The first will include the holders of the title of Hero of Russia, the order “Saint George” or “For merits before Fatherland”. To receive a discount of 20 percent in shops of “Army of Russia”, and 5% in the network of “Voentorg”.

The second category of related awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky, “Suvorov”, “Ushakov”, “Zhukov”, “Kutuzov”, “Nakhimov”, “Courage”, “For military merits” “For sea merits” and insignia “George cross”. They will receive discounts of 15 and 4 percent, respectively.

In the third category will be awarded medals of “Honor”, “Friendship”, insignia “For irreproachable service”, medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland”, the medal “For courage”, “Suvorov”, “Ushakov”, “Zhukov”, “Nesterov”, and also “For the salvation of perishing.” To make purchases they can discounts at 10 and 3 percent.

The project is experimental in nature. It is expected that in the future the list of the retailers want to cooperate with the defense Ministry, will expand. Thus, the Agency is already in talks with X5 Retail Group.

At the end of December 2019, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which citizens should be informed about the position of their benefits. According to the document, every citizen will be able to choose how he will receive information about the benefits. This can be done via the state services portal, a unified call center or visiting authority.

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