On the beach found a mysterious eyeless creature with big teeth


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On the beach near the American city of Charleston, South Carolina, found the remains eyeless creature with big teeth. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

The mysterious animal was spotted 25-year-old Eric Constantine (Erika Constantine) when you were walking the dog in the Park. “I honestly don’t know what it was, she says. — The size of a small dog, but all of its structure suggests that it is definitely not a dog. I’ve lived here five years and never seen anything like it”.

The girl took a picture of the find and posted pictures in the social network. “I thought someone would say something like “it looks like a seal”, and the issue is closed, but this creature many baffled,” she says. Someone suggested that on the beach lay a dead iguana, others insisted that the remains of a lynx. The police saw them as a possum.

Eric suggests that on the beach could have thrown a dead monkey from the island of Morgan, which is located 65 miles from Charleston. In 1979 Puerto Rican primatologichesky center settled there 1.4 thousand rhesus monkeys. For forty years their population has increased 2.5 times. People are prohibited to visit the island of Morgan.

In early February, it was reported that the driver of the American city of Charleston took video of the strange creature that crawled into his car. According to him, it was flat, furry and walked on six legs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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