Rashochetsya after the words about benefits in Russia presenter predicted the dismissal


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Leading and other employees of GTRK “Kamchatka”, responsible for the preparation of a story about the increase in social benefits in Russia by three percent, predicted a dismissal. About it reports “Moscow speaking” with reference to two sources in the state media holding VGTRK, which includes the local TV channel.

The reporter burst out laughing after reading the liner about the benefits in Russia. Before that she listed, but that the Russians will be able to spend them relying 1155 rubles. The fragment was not aired, but caught on video and spread around the net.

According to the first source, the entire regional team will be sanctioned up to and including dismissal. “After such a trick closed all the roads, wherever it is. Man flies out of the sphere, from the word “quite”” he said. The source believes that as soon as they found guilty in the leak of the recording to the Internet, the whole team will be fired.

The second source of VGTRK noticed that the leading reaction was natural, but condemned those who wrote the text for the journalist. “Who wrote this text? Issue with screen is that “you have 137 rubles, the rest you can spend”” — he added. According to the interlocutor, it was possible to “just say that raised to a certain amount” and to do without “these humiliating clarifications”.

The video that hit the net, leading are unable to contain laughter after that 127 rubles, laid down in monthly social set for Russian beneficiaries, intended for suburban or international transport to the place of treatment and back. Leading discussed the amount of the credit with the person who was behind the scenes, and apologized to colleagues for their reaction.

The monthly monetary payment (EDV) for beneficiaries were increased from 1 February. Three percent increase in the cash equivalent of the social set. It includes including medicines, sanatorium treatment and free use of transport. Federal benefits in Russia receives more than 15 million people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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