Russian scientists complained to the Norwegians from Svalbard


www.vsyako.netBarentsburg: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

The Norwegian authorities restrict scientists from Russia access to some areas in Svalbard. About NSN said the Director of the Center for Arctic studies, RAS Vladimir Pavlenko.

According to him, about this situation, he said, scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences that operate in the archipelago. He mentioned the situation observed in the last few years in the controlled areas of Norway. This has hampered the work of archaeologists, historians, biographers, research minerals and natural resources. “There is a trend, and it’s not very healthy, and leads to expansion of contacts in the field of fundamental research of the Arctic, which Russian Federation says a lot,” — said the scientist.

He pointed out that in the Russian towns Pyramid and Barentsburg Russians have no problems “in accordance with orders issued under the rules declared by the Governor of Svalbard a few years ago.”

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Norway reported that the Svalbard Oslo violates the agreements of 9 February 1920. For example, Norwegians do not give the Russian companies access to mineral resources and development of oil and gas fields. In the representation indicated that the archipelago is not “ancient Norwegian territory.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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