She has failed to the neighbors through the ceiling of buildings



In the city of Aniva Sakhalin region, the Russian fell to the neighbors through the ceiling collapsing buildings. It is reported by news Agency

House №4 in the street Gogol passed three years ago, but the building is in a deplorable state. The facility was built on a swamp, the foundations of “walking”, and the walls are constantly covered with cracks. According to the Agency, the house is not falling just because ‘based’ on an adjacent building.

“We have a major repair in my apartment was sunken floors. Removed the screed and found two pits. I talked to the workers stumbled and fell into the pit. Fell through, now sit the surgeon on reception with a big hematoma. I believe that this house is not suitable for life,” shared the victim. At the crash site of women in just a few seconds prior to this was a child who walked into the kitchen to get a drink. The boy was not injured.

Holes in the floor in each apartment: one-up from, someone once filled neighbors. Only the overhaul of the building, in particular, restoration of floor screed, has been allocated almost 12 million rubles. However, residents believe that the house should not to rebuild and resettle. The premises must be at least re-zapisivat window, repair a pinched masonry (cavities in the supporting structure) and improper installation of heating pipes.

In the company-the customer of works stated that the case will be assigned to review, and the building is controlled by the Prosecutor’s office. Locals say that no supervisors were not seen.

In October last year in Rubtsovsk (Altai Krai) through the roof of a two story house to the apartment failed the public utilities. The man was removed to the attic of the consequences of poor repair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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