The bride showed the ring and was cursed with dirty nails


www.vsyako.netPhoto: page of You Said Yes But Your Finger Said No to Facebook

The bride boasted a wedding ring and was berated online for dirty nails. Anonymous photo appeared in a closed Facebook group You Said Yes But Your Finger Said No, which make fun of the strange pictures of the decorations.

Published in the frame of the woman shows a gold ring with diamonds. However, members of the community do not pay attention on jewelry and its the wrong size and unkempt manicure for the bride. They expressed their opinion in the comments below.

“It should change the size of the ring. I feel sorry for her fingers. But the nails make me nauseous,” wrote one. “Oh my God, what dirty nails,” said the second. “Why are people not ashamed of their terrible manicures?” — asked the third. “Brush your nails,” said another.

In February 2020, another bride was criticized for “sickening” nails. The photo, which depicts a woman’s hand with two rings on the ring finger, appeared in a closed Facebook group, where criticism of the decorations. However, attention was more attracted by well-groomed manicure of women, which they called sickening.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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