The cat bit a sleeping mistress by the neck and saved her from death


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evelina Kornienko /

In Chelyabinsk, the cat warned the elderly lady about the fire and saved her from death. It is reported OTV.

The pensioner was asleep and did not notice that the kitchen caught fire, the stove and refrigerator. When the apartment was shrouded in smoke, her cat named Alex tried to Wake mistress. He screamed loudly and beat her cheeks, but the woman didn’t react. She opened her eyes, the cat had to bite her neck.

The woman managed to inhale the combustion products and barely made it to the apartment of the neighbors who helped her to call FEMA. Five minutes to a scene there arrived firefighters.

According to the granddaughter of the victim, after this incident, Alexei had to be carried to a groomer to bathe and cut the dirty wool. “Leskina coat was thoroughly impregnated with soot, and basically he flatly refused,” she explained.

In 2018, it was reported that the silent cat warned American family about a gas leak. He smelled his scent and began to meow loudly, although before never did.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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