The decline of the West named best for Russia


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The decline of the values of the West in world Affairs creates more profitable opportunities for leadership of Russia, China and India. This is stated in the report of the Munich conference Westlessnes (the”Bezzabotnostj”), it drew the attention belonging to Gregory Berezkin RBC.

Opinions about the decline of the West, which also faced internal and external problems in politics, also expressed the head of the Munich security conference, Wolfgang Ischinger. It is noted that the Western countries are increasingly less willing to participate in the conflict directly, preferring instead to help them with training and weapons.

The authors of the report admitted that the UN Security Council have lost the ability to take action to resolve conflicts because of the constant disagreement. A Chapter on Russian policy experts have called “potemkinskoy state”. In it they note that having a weak hand, Moscow has achieved some significant victories in 2019, for example, return to the Assembly and the proposals of the President of France Emmanuel Makron to reconsider the relationship between Russia and Europe.

On the other hand, the West got political points because of the provocative actions of Moscow. Among them are intervention in the European elections, the distortion of the history, organization poisoning in Salisbury and, according to unconfirmed reports, the murder of a Chechen militant in Berlin.

The Munich security conference will be held in 2020, 14 to 16 February. It will be attended by about 600 politicians, businessmen, scientists and representatives of human rights organizations. Russia will be represented by foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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