The man found the house one of the most venomous marine creatures on the planet


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A resident of the English city of Slough, Berkshire, found in the home aquarium snail-a cone, which is considered one of the most venomous marine creatures on the planet. About this newspaper The Sun.

32-year-old Wesley Trevors (Wesley Trevors) said that his six year old son loves the cartoon “finding Nemo.” To please the child, he bought the clownfish, who was the main character in the film. A few months later, he noticed on the bottom of the aquarium an unknown creature.

The British did the uninvited guest and showed it on the forum dedicated to marine flora and fauna. Commentators explained to him that it’s a snail-a cone. “Recently I have settled to fish a shrimp. Maybe a snail got in there with it” — he understood the father.

Trevor called several zoos and centres with marine animals with the request to pick up a snail, but everywhere was refused. Only when the case involved employees of the Sun, the specialists have transported venomous mollusc in the London aquarium.

Cones (Conidae) is a family of predatory gastropods. They paralyze their victims with poison. Bite snails-cones are extremely dangerous for people in the Pacific region from dying twice as many people than from shark attacks. The most poisonous snail in the world is the geographic cone (Conus geographus).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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