The orangutan held out a hand standing in a snake-infested river man


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Orangutan in Borneo tried to help standing in a snake-infested river defender of wildlife and held out his hand. This is the website of NDTV.

Employee orangutan survival Foundation Borneo, whose name is unknown, got into the river in the forest to clear it of threatening monkeys snakes. Man standing on the chest in a dirty river.

Wild orangutan watched from the shore, and then stepped closer and handed the man a helping hand. Conservationist refused and preferred to get out on their own, because they were not familiar with this fellow.

Earlier it was reported that in France, the chimp bit off the hand of the zookeeper in front of visitors. 23-year-old Primate was always friendly and never showed signs of aggression: it is unknown why the animal attacked a man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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